MISSION BASED MARKET DRIVEN (MBMD) STRATEGIC CONSULTANTS LLC and its talented council of advisors has over three decades of experience in strategic planning, marketing, audience engagement and facilitation. Under the stewardship Julia Perkins, chief strategist, MBMD has an established reputation within the field, recognized for its expertise in breaking down complex organizational issues, analyzing them, and strategically and creatively developing solutions.

International Association of Facilitators
Association for Strategic Planning


MBMD believes that strategy is an iterative process to be embedded into life of an organization. MBMD's strategic planning practice works in partnership board, staff and key stakeholders to engage them in strategic thinking about their short-mid, and long term competitive direction. MBMD conducts an in-dept analysis of the organization and external environment. The emphasis is on developing viable and realistic frameworks adaptable to changing situations and environments, while retaining the integrity of the organization’s mission and vision, and addressing marketplace opportunities.


Active listening, neutrality, assertive probing, synthesized feedback, and balancing group dynamics are the guiding principles of MBMD’s facilitation style. The FoCuSeD (Facilitation of Collaborative useful Solutions embracing Diversity) approach underlies this facilitation style. FoCuSeD is a well-known and thoroughly tested facilitation method that emphasizes two parallel tracks: the workshop/retreat processes to build the product and the emotional group cycle that calls on people to work together to make decisions and solve problems. MBMD’s chief strategists a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators.


MBMD understands that audiences participate with institutions in different ways. MBMD tailors strategies and best practices to suit the organization’s ability to broadend and deepen audience engagement with the organization, without without compromising the integrity of the organization's mission.


MBMD values the need to achieve synergy in an organization’s marketing activities. MBMD works with its clients to create holistic marketing plans. Holistic marketing is based on the development, design and implementation of marketing strategies and practices are interdependent and implementable within the scope of the organization’s resources.


MBMD uses best practices to meet its client's project management needs.  MBMD works with nonprofit organizations in managing short and long-term projects.  MBMD provides project management oversight on a part-time basis for specific projects, or serves as a project practitioner - supporting the institutions project manager on specific initiatives.


MBMD understands that volunteers represent some of the major stakeholders within an organization. Volunteer engagement is essential for the majority of nonprofit institutions.  MBMD provides its clients with strategies and practices ranging from volunteer recruitment, training, retention, leadership development and evaluation programs.